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Health & Wellbeing

Cordless design heated cushions and blankets with infrared technology that not only look nice (and are wonderfully soft), but also save energy!

Relieve pain with Stoov® infrared warmth

Say goodbye to pain with Stoov's heating cushions and blankets! Our heated products use far infrared technology (FIR) to bring you comfort and warmth. This gives your blood flow a boost and relaxes muscles and joints for pain relief. Perfect for those with sore shoulders, necks, and backs, our flexible and comfortable heated cushions make it easy to target those aches and pains.


Infrared heating benefits

Infrared heating is like a warm hug for your body! It can boost blood flow, ease pain, loosen stiff joints, strengthen your heart and blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and even give your skin a boost.

Soothing the lower back

Do you struggle with a sore or stiff lower back? An infrared heating electric blanket can be your solution. These comfortable blankets warm your lower back and bum, providing relief from pain and stiffness while you work, or general muscle pain and menstrual cramps. Just relax with the Big Hug and let it do the work for you.

Saving energy

Save energy and money with Stoov®'s infrared technology! These heated products warm you directly, so you don't have to heat up the whole room. You can even turn down the thermostat a few degrees and save up to 7% energy for each degree you lower it. Plus, with Stoov®, you'll be reducing energy consumption, and those energy bills!