The Stoov® Technology

Our warming products are not only insanely stylish, they are also extremely smart. Because they warm with an innovative infrared technology: You lean against our Ploov, sit on our Big Hug or cuddle with Homey - and the magical transformation from cold frostbite to mhmmmm.... begins.

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The Stoov® Technology

Powered by the energy of the battery, the infrared heating element on the front of the product heats up and then releases its heat to whoever is cuddling with the Stoov®.

Infrared technology is known from many different areas: for example, even from infrared saunas, the beneficial effects of infrared are well known. Its sun-like rays penetrate deep into the skin and get the blood circulation going. And the feeling that follows is pure deep relaxation. Due to the pleasant warmth and the improved blood circulation of the body, cold feet and hands disappear, stiff (back, neck) muscles loosen up and the general feeling of well-being is restored. By the way: The warmth of the heating element cannot be felt immediately when quickly stroking over it! The full temperature can only be experienced through direct body contact.  

If you have never heard of a heating pad, you might think that the whole pad gets warm - similar to a classic hot water bottle. However, Stoov® heating products work with a heating element located in the center of the front of the product (for exact dimensions and details, please check the product descriptions).

Why "only" there and not much larger has everything to do with our "Golden Triangle" that our product designers and engineers have developed to ensure ideal and safe heat delivery. Maximum size just isn't always maximum effectiveness! Our products are designed to do something to the person who cuddles with them.

This is also what we mean by sustainability: bringing people to their feel-good temperature and keeping them there. By the way, this feel-good temperature is different for everyone: that's also why Stoov® products have three heat levels: 3 = high, 2 = medium, 1 = low.

All Stoov® products can be switched on and controlled with one hand using the red Stoov® Smartlabel. Click once and the product is on at the highest level. With each click it goes down one heat level until the product is off. This makes it child's play to regulate your own microclimate!

Stoov® heating products come standard with automatic shut-off and overheating protection. In the unlikely event that a product ever gets too hot, the technology automatically shuts off. And to prevent this from happening in the first place, our products automatically turn themselves off after 8 hours. The newest generation of Stoov® products will even switch a level down after 2 hours to save battery charge and protect the product from overheating. So with Stoov® you can float in your deeply relaxed cloud of well-being and don't have to feel like you have to pay attention.

The heart of a Stoov®

The heart of our products is their battery: here, just as with all the other bottom parts, we rely on the highest quality. In this way we can guarantee safety and a long service life. How many hours a Stoov® product can provide heat and how long it takes to recharge the battery depends on whether you have a large or small battery. They differ in charging time and capacity. Your recharging process is also simple: connect the recharging cable to the Stoov® Smartlabel, a little patience, ready for a new round of mhmmmm......

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