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Our technology

The Stoov heating technology

Our heated products not only look incredibly stylish but they’re also  extremely smart: with innovative infrared technology they provide the warmth needed. That feeling when you lean into your Ploov, sit with a Big Hug, or cuddle up with Homey, and a transformation from Chilly Billy to Toasty Tara begins. But what is it about the warmth Stoov offers that makes it so special? With this simple fact checker, we’ll take a closer look at the tech behind our innovative infrared collection.

What is infrared heat?

Here’s the science bit; Infrared radiation (IR radiation) is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. IR radiation is divided into short-wave IR-A radiation, with a wavelength range of 780 to 1400 nanometers. And then there’s the medium-wave IR-B radiation (with 1400 to 3000 nanometers). Finally there’s long-wave IR-C radiation (3000 nanometers to 1 millimeter). Infrared heat, or IR-C (Infrared C or FIR) is a form of thermal radiation located within the infrared spectrum—It’s invisible to the human eye because it lies outside the range of visible light. IR-C heat has the ability to penetrate deep into the body and release targeted heat within. What’s not to like about that?

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How does infrared radiation (IR-C) generate heat?

IR-C heat with electromagnetic waves work with a specific frequency that generate heat when they come into contact with an object. In our case, IR-C heat’s absorbed by the skin which causes our body to warm up. The special thing about this is that it doesn’t heat the air around the pet or person, just the pet, or the person upon it!

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How deeply does IR-C penetrate my body?

IR-C heat penetrates approximately 1 to 3 millimeters deep into the skin and the  tissues of the body. For deeper heat applications, other forms of infrared radiation such as IR-A or IR-B are often used; these can penetrate deeper into the body and can be used, for example, in physiotherapy. It’s Important to note your Stoov is not a medical product.

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Why is IR-C / FIR suitable for heat pads?

  • Targeted heat: Heating pads with IR-C heat can be placed on specific parts of the body.
  • Fast heating: IR-C heat can generate heat quickly, allowing you to warm up quickly when it is cold.
  • Efficiency: Because IR-C heat is delivered directly to the body and does not heat the surrounding air, it is an energy-efficient way of delivering heat.

The overview


  • Stress Reduction: Using IR-C heat can be relaxing and reduce stress. Heat can promote the release of endorphins, which can create a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
  • Improved Flexibility: IR-C heat can increase the flexibility of stiff muscles and joints .
  • Improved sleep quality: The relaxing effects of IR-C heat can contribute to better sleep quality and help reduce insomnia.
  • Improved blood circulation: IR-C heat can dilate blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation. This can improve oxygenation of tissues and speed up the recovery process.
  • Pain Relief: IR-C heat can help relieve muscle and joint pain by penetrating deep into the body and promoting blood circulation. This can help relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

Good to know: Scientific evidence of the health benefits of infrared C (IR-C) heat is still limited.

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Also good to know...

To date, there are no known negative health effects associated with the magnetic fields of electrical heat products (source: Federal Office for Radiation Protection).

However, if you have serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses, it is recommended that you consult a medical professional before using IR-C heat. Additionally, heat products that use IR-C heat should be used consciously to avoid burns or other injuries.

The Golden Triangle principle

If you've never heard of our heated pads with Stoov, you might think that the entire pillow warms up - similar to a classic hot water bottle. However, the Stoov heating products work with a heating element located in the front middle section of the product (for exact dimensions and details, please check the product descriptions). Everything has to do with a ‘Golden Triangle,’ which our product designers and technicians have developed to ensure the ideal safe heat supply. Maximum size doesn’t always mean maximum effectiveness!

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Stoov wants to offer you the optimal heating experience. To achieve this, we have balanced three points in our products to form this Golden Triangle:

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The temperature

We offer our customers the highest temperature that we consider safe and responsible, staying well within the limits of the established safety standards. Temperature is undoubtedly the most important factor according to our customers. Therefore, our products have three heat levels, with the highest surface temperature being 42 degrees Celsius.

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The heat duration

Research among our users has shown that a minimum battery life of 2-2.5 hours is desired. We have designed our standard battery capacity for this. As an addition, we have introduced the Standard Plus battery for the Ploov cushions and the Big Hug chair cushion, which heats to 42 degrees Celsius for 4.5 hours.

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The heating surface

The larger the warming element, the more heat is generated - but the battery life is also shortened. Through the reduced user interface of the Stoov heat elements, we ensure that the heat is exactly where the user needs it and where the heat can be fully transferred. A heating surface that is not in direct contact with the user's body wastes energy. We want to avoid waste at all times. That's why the pillow only has one heating element on the front.

The Stoov Safety anchor system

Super simple, smart, and safe: Stoov stands for security. With a Stoov at home you can rely on safe warmth. Stoov heating products are equipped with overheating protection, automatic switch-off, and a thermal sensor as standard. So with Stoov, you can float away on that relaxed cloud of well-being without a care in the world.

More about our 5 safety anchors here

Our heated products have overheating protection: Sensors that ensure the heat reduces in the event of unexpected heat development. In addition, a thermal protection switch ensures that the product is completely switched off if the temperature in the cushion gets too high.

Our heated products switch off automatically after about 8 hours. (The exact steps and length of time in which this occurs varies depending on the product. Check your product user manual to find out how this ‘auto-off’ feature works.

Most of our products also have a built-in electric thermostat. The thermostat continuously provides the electronic circuit with feedback on heat development. If the temperature development gets too high, the selected temperature level is therefore automatically reduced.

Our products are equipped with a low voltage system (12v) that uses sensors to continuously monitor the battery's current, voltage, and temperature. As soon as the smart label detects any deviation, the product is automatically switched off. In this way we minimize the risk of a cable break or a short circuit.

With Li-ion batteries Stoov aims to meet the highest standards. So we select cells which use a maximum of 50% of the power capacity. This means that heat development in the battery remains limited (it’s important to note that you should only charge the battery with the original Stoov charger directly or via the product). Good to know: The charger has also been tested in accordance with the standards required.

Good to know...

We work with SGS for certifications and product safety. SGS acts as an independent company and world leader in inspection, control, analysis, and certification. SGS tests our products for safety and quality in compliance with the applicable standards.

 Important tips for using our heating products

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Tip 1:

Use the product only for what it is intended for and in the manner described in the operating instructions

Tip 2:

Make sure your heating product is not covered or folded while in use, otherwise unwanted high levels of heat development can occur.

Tip 3:

A Stoov should not be used by people who are heat sensitive or cannot respond to overheating (such as small children).

Tip 4:

For prolonged use, we recommend setting your Stoov the lowest heat level to prevent the body from overheating.