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94% of owners use their Stoov during the cold winter months. Want to know what you can save? Then fill in your details.
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Saving on your energy bill

Turning down your thermostat is not only better for your wallet, but also better for the environment thanks to reduced CO2 emissions! A heating pad or blanket alone won't solve the climate problem, of course, but it does help.

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Safe & cordless

All Stoov heating products have a rechargeable battery and are therefore cordless. You control the desired temperature wherever and whenever you want.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Consistently turning down your thermostat when using a Stoov reduces your energy emissions and contributes towards a better environment. Want to know more about net CO2 savings? Check out our impact report.

The thermostat down

An average person consumes about £570 worth of gas a year. If you turn the thermostat down one degree by default, you will already save 7% on those costs!

CO2 savings

To calculate how much CO2 emissions you save by turning down the thermostat, take the calculated gas consumption of your home. Set aside 7%  - That’s the saving you make if the thermostat is turned down by just 1 degree all year. CO2 emissions equate to about 1.8 KG per m3 of gas.


  • Gas consumption is 1200m3
  • 7% of 1200m3 = 84m3
  • 1M3 is 1.8 KG CO2 eq emissions
  • 84m3 * 1.8 = 151.2 KG CO2 eq savings
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Stoov running costs

So what does it cost to use your Stoov? The normal battery consumes 30 wH to charge. With current energy prices, that works out at 1p per charge. So, if you charge your pillow or blanket once every day, it will cost an average of £3,72 per year. And with the larger battery, it averages out to just £6,83 a year.

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Turn down the thermostat and stay warm with Stoov

With a lovely heat pad against you, you can easily turn down the heating and reduce your energy costs. If you turn the thermostat down by one degree and use a Stoov, the average UK household can easily save more than £130 per year. Better for your wallet and, thanks to the reduced CO2 emissions, better for the environment! A heating pad or blanket alone won't solve all the climate problems, but every little helps!

(Source: Statista, British Gas and Energy Saving Trust)

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