Cushion Covers

With an extra cushion cover you can add variety to your interior. Or give it as a gift to someone with a Stoov!

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Image 31004581462224

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A match for everyone

The Stoov® cushion covers come in many different colors, sizes and styles. So there is a stylish match for everyone. You can choose a knitted, velvet or original cushion cover. The faux fur comes in three colors: black, white and brown. With the knitted and premium you can choose from several stylish colors, from classic gray to modern red. Can't choose? Then buy a few separate covers and alternate!

The cushion covers are available for the Ploov 45x45cm and 45x60cm.


In addition to stylish colors and fabrics, the Stoov® cushion covers are made of good quality. They are washable and can handle some dirt.