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Outdoors with Stoov: The Stonewashed Canvas Collection

Stoov's all-weather option

Our Canvas collection is designed to be taken outside, for example to extend your summer evening, or to take with you on a camping trip, a long walk or fishing. The fabric also works very well in indoor spaces.

Discover the Canvas collection

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Ploov for the garden

Our Ploov heating cushion is now also available for outdoor use. Choose between the two sizes (45x45 cm and 45x60 cm). Whether on the balcony or in the garden, you can now enjoy your evenings outdoors with the cosy warmth of your Stoov.

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Big Hug XL for outdoors

Our cosy Big Hug XL blanket gets a new outdoor look! Thanks to the robust canvas fabric, you can now take your beloved Big Hug XL outside without having to worry about the cold.

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Our product designer Lisa on the new Canvas line

"We designed the Canvas with the idea that you can take your Stoov with you wherever you go. When travelling, in the garden, camping, on road trips and even indoors. That's why we chose a 100% organic Canvas fabric, which is durable and easy to clean. To emphasise the wireless warmth, we've added a subtle loop to the Canvas line. Handy for holding on to or securing your Stoov. But most of all, to hang on the wall as a reminder that your Stoov is always ready for your next adventure. Off we go!"

Canvas, a true all-rounder

The canvas is robust, but also cosy and soft. Whether outdoors or in cooler indoor spaces, a Stoov canvas is always a good choice.

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The fabric is made from 100% organic cotton and is stonewashed. This gives the firm and robust fabric a soft and cosy feel.