Outdoors with Stoov: The Stonewashed Canvas Collection

Our Canvas collection is designed to be taken outside, for example to extend your summer evening, or to take with you on a camping trip, a long walk or fishing. The fabric also works very well in indoor spaces.

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  1. Ploov | 45x60 Canvas Fern Green
  2. Ploov | 45x45 Canvas Sandstone Beige
  3. Big Hug XL | Canvas Fern green
  4. Ploov | 45x60 Canvas Midnight Blue
  5. Ploov | 45x45 Canvas Sunflower Yellow
  6. Big Hug XL | Canvas Sandstone Beige
  7. Ploov | 45x45 Canvas Midnight Blue
  8. Ploov | 45x45 Canvas Fern Green
  9. Ploov | 45x60 Canvas Sunflower Yellow
  10. Ploov | 45x60 Canvas Sandstone Beige
  11. Big Hug | Canvas Sandstone Beige
    Big Hug 40x110 cm | Canvas
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  12. Big Hug | Canvas Fern green
    Big Hug 40x110 cm | Canvas
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To connect your Ploov or One, watch this video or follow these steps:

1. Connect the battery to the battery cable.

2. Place the battery in the battery pouch made for it.

3. Put the inner cushion into the pouch.

4. Connect the charger to the Stoov label. As long as the battery light flashes, the cushion is charging and/or in use. The battery is fully charged when the light stops flashing.

5. Turn on your cordless heating cushion and enjoy the warmth!

1. Connect the charging cable to the back of the Stoov Smartlabel.

2. Connect the 12v charging cable to the adapter.

3. Plug the adapter into the wall socket.

The indicator light on the Stoov Smartlabel flashes to show that the battery is charging. When the indicator light on the Stoov Smartlabel stops flashing and lights up constantly, the battery is fully charged.

NB; while charging, you can also use your Stoov rechargeable heated cushion as normal. Charging does take a little longer in that case.

You can choose from different sizes, from small to very large. Which size suits you best depends entirely on your needs and personal preference. Do you prefer a slightly smaller cushion? Then the Ploov 25x60 is a good choice. On the other hand, do you want the biggest possible cushion? Then you can go for the 60x90, which is almost the size of the back cushion of your sofa.

How long it takes to charge your rechargeable heating cushion depends on the type of battery you have. But fortunately, you never have to wait really long! Is it empty? Not to worry! You can also use it while it's charging. 

Yes, all our products are safe to use. We take your safety seriously. That's why all our products are equipped with overheating protection. The thermostat will turn off the heat generation in between when the actual temperature of the Stoov gets too high. This prevents excessive temperatures.