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About us

Sustainable warmth and design since 2014

The Dutch lifestyle brand Stoov was founded in 2014 by Teun van Leijsen. Since his childhood, Teun has always been driven by new ideas and inventions that would make the world a little more beautiful and sustainable. Inspired by a shivering moment in his own home during the cold winter months, Teun van Leijsen came up with the idea for a sustainable, portable heat source that would keep everybody warm and make design lovers and the planet happy altogether: Stoov.

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The Stoov philosophy

The cordless Stoov design heat pads and cushions are equipped with infrared heating technology and feature innovative functionality and modern design. Stoov is aware of its social responsibility and has set itself the goal of making a valuable contribution to sustainable development. Fundamentals such as responsible production processes, ethical choice of materials or socially fair working conditions are firmly anchored in the company's philosophy. In addition to a priority sustainable choice of materials, part of the Stoov supply chain is located in the Netherlands, whereby Stoov supports people with an occupational disability or long-term unemployed and provides them with a social working environment and a re-entry opportunity.

Five exclusive Stoov fabrics

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The classic Stoov fabric collection goes with any interior style and is easy to combine. It is made from high-quality, recyclable synthetic fibres and is pleasantly soft, crease-resistant and retains its puristic beauty even after intensive use.

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Its texture is reminiscent of a cuddly teddy or sheepskin, has a woolly-soft feel and adds a cosy atmosphere to any interior. It is made of recyclable synthetic fibres (polyester, acrylic) and is therefore hard-wearing, lint-free and easy to clean.

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A charming eye-catcher with a romantic aura. The knitted fabric is made of a cuddly cotton-acrylic mix and brings an all-round cosy feeling. 

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Outdoor Premium

Premium is a hard-wearing and robust fabric with a mottled, modern look. The fabric is made from 100% recycled Revyva yarns and is water and dirt repellent as well as UV resistant and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

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The soft velvet fabric brings a stylish elegance to the interior. It has a pleasant pile height, an extremely soft feel and a pleasant sheen. The synthetic velvet fabric is made from recycled PET and is uncomplicated and easy to clean.