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We warm people

Get comfy in spring with our cordless infrared heating cushions, pads & electric bottles

Get comfy in spring

We're in spring and that means longer days and more light! If it does get a bit chilly in the evening, our cordless and rechargeable design products will keep you feeling comfortably warm, wherever and whenever you want. Take your Stoov® heating cushion or heating pad outside and enjoy the first days of spring.

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Ploov | 45x45 Knitted Ocher Yellow
Big Hug XL | Woolly White
Big Hug XL | Woolly White
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Ploov | 45x60 Knitted Old Pink
Ploov | 45x45 Velvet - Ginger Gold
Ploov | 45x45 Woolly White
Ploov | 45x45 Velvet - Juniper Blue
Ploov | 45x60 Velvet - Cinnamon Orange
Ploov | 45x45 Woolly Black
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What to expect...

...from our Stoov® heated cushions, blankets and bottles:

  • Cordless
  • Energy-saving
  • Infrared technology
  • Sustainable and stylish fabrics
  • Rechargeable battery with UK charger (type G)
  • 3 heating levels:
    28/32 C°
    35/39 C°
    38/42 C°

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Saving energy with Stoov®

With a Stoov® you heat yourself directly, making it easy to turn down the heating. And with every degree lower on the thermostat, an average household quickly saves £134 a year in energy costs! What do you spend on charging your Stoov®? Only £4 per year on average. So, a heated cushion is not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet!

(Source: Statista, British Gas and Energy Saving Trust)

Saving energy with Stoov®
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A heated blanket:

That feels like a hug. Soft, warm and soothing. In your favorite cuddly material....

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A heated cushion:

That feels like a friend. Soft, warm and just the way you like it...

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