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We warm people
We warm people

We warm people

Cordless infrared heated cushions & pads with rechargeable battery for every occasion

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4,3,2,1 - gifts!

Christmas is just around the corner, with festive dinners, candlelight and christmas markets… Also a time in the year to think about what to give to our dearest and nearest. We think there is nothing better than a Stoov®! Because offering warmth in cold times feels good and helps to save energy. We have heating cushions, pads, blankets and even electric heating “bottles” in all colours, shapes and fabrics in our collection — so there is something or everyone...

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4,3,2,1 - gifts!

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What to expect from our Stoov® heating cushions and blankets:

• rechargeable battery

• cordless

• infrared technology

• sustainable and stylish fabrics

• 3 heating levels

• energy-saving

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Saving energy with Stoov®

With a wonderfully warm Stoov® you heat yourself directly, making it easy to turn down the heating. And with every degree lower on the thermostat, an average household quickly saves £134 a year in energy costs! What do you spend on charging your Stoov®? Only £4 per year on average. So, a heating cushion is not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet. What are you waiting for!

(Source: Statista, British Gas and Energy Saving Trust)

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Saving energy with Stoov®
  • Big Hug
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Big Hug

A heated blanket:

That feels like a hug. Soft, warm and soothing. In your favorite cuddly material....

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A heated cushion:

That feels like a friend. Soft, warm and just the way you like it...

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New season, new fabric

Stoov® celebrates the cozy season with beautiful news: velvet is added to our Ploov heating cushion collection! The velvet fabric comes in five spice colours, with a soft touch
and subtle shimmer.

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New season, new fabric



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