Cosy on the road: start your camping adventure with Stoov

Whether you're an experienced camper or on your first camping trip, preparation is key! Imagine you want to make your camper or caravan really cosy and warm for your next trip. But how on earth are you going to keep it warm on those freezing cold camping nights without resorting to an old-fashioned heater? And can you do it in style? Stoov has the ultimate solution: our practical heating products are not only warm and cosy, but also super stylish! So buckle up and find out why Stoov is just what you need for your next camping holiday!

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Cable-free warmth and comfort

The warmth of a Ploov heating cushion provides a warm feeling of pure luxury on your camping trip. Our infrared technology is specially designed to keep you nice and warm without the hassle of searching for a power socket. Whether you're sitting by the campfire, relaxing in your caravan or just reading a book under the stars, an electric heated cushion will keep you warm and cosy without the hassle of cables and sockets!

How to get the best out of your campervan

Apart from the absolute necessity of staying warm and cosy when camping, having a stylish and practical interior in your camper or van is absolutely essential! Getting it all set up takes some serious brainpower. For starters, you'll need to make the most of every inch of space by choosing furniture that can do more than one job - and of course storage is your best friend here! Baskets, drawers, hanging organisers - anything to keep the chaos in check. And remember: Bright colours and good lighting will make the space feel bigger and more inviting. Last but not least, add some personal touches with small plants and fluffy cushions.

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Energy efficient & sustainable heat

Our Stoov heating products aren't just stylish eye-catchers that provide warmth - they use energy-efficient technology so you don't have to worry about your electricity bill. Our products are also made from environmentally friendly materials, but most importantly, your Stoov allows you to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest - without freezing!

Ready for your next adventure?

Are you ready for the ultimate camping experience? Don't forget to add Stoov to your packing list and treat yourself to warmth, style and comfort - without having to rely on the heater! Whether you're an experienced camper or just starting out, enjoy the warmth in nature!

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