Heating dog bed

The Woov is a wireless design heat pillow for your dog. A soft, warm and large bed for your pet.

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  1. Woov 60x90 cm | Woolly
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  2. Woov 60x90 cm | Outdoor
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  3. Woov 60x90 cm | Outdoor
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  4. Woov 60x90 cm | Outdoor
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The Woov is a wireless design heating pad for pets. A warm, large and wonderfully soft bed.

The Woov heating dog bed

Animals love warmth. Is the sun shining? Chances are your dog will seek out the first ray of sunshine that enters the living room. With the Woov heating dog bed, you can guarantee your four-legged friend a warm spot in the house even when the sun is not shining.



How does the heating dog bed work?

The Woov dog pillow works with smart infrared technology, just like all other heat products from Stoov. This method of heating is completely safe, for both humans and animals. For added safety, a timer and thermostat are built in. This ensures that the dog bed does not get too hot and automatically switches off after eight hours.

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What is the dog bed made of?

You can choose between two different types of heating dog beds: the Woolly or the Outdoor. The Woov Woolly is made of a wonderfully soft fabric: the texture is reminiscent of a sheepskin and has a woolly feel. The Woov Outdoor is the ideal dog bed for the less tidy and clumsy four-legged friends, as it is extra resistant to outdoor life. The synthetic fabric made of olefin fibres is water- and dirt-resistant plus UV-resistant.


30 days to decide

Have you purchased this wonderful, warm gift and your dog doesn't even notice it? You can always use the cushion yourself, but you also have 30 days to return your dog bed, for whatever reason.


In need of some extra, long-lasting warmth yourself?

Secretly a little jealous of your dog's heating bed? No worries! We've thought of you too. In our collection, you will find plenty of heating products specially made for you to enjoy. On the couch, while working or during travelling. Which Stoov will you choose?


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Absolutely, safety is at the top of the list for all our heat products. Every Stoov comes with a built-in overheating protection. The built-in thermostat ensures that heat production is automatically switched off when the Stoov reaches too high a temperature. So you don't have to worry about your dog's safety.

The duration of heat varies based on the heat setting and the type of battery you use. With the standard battery, the heat mat stays warm for between 2.5 and 5 hours. With the larger battery, it is between 4.5 and 9 hours.

A few splashes, drizzle and dirt are no problem, but because it contains electronics, the dog bed is not supposed to get soaked.