Cushion Covers

With an extra cushion cover, you add variety to your interior. Or give it as a present to someone with a Stoov!

A cushion cover for every mood

The Stoov cushion covers for your Ploov electric heated cushion and One heated seat cushion come in many different colours, sizes and styles. So there is a stylish match for everyone and you can wonderfully vary your interior. You can choose a Knitted cover, soft wool fabric or, for instance, the special outdoor cushion cover. Whatever your style, there is guaranteed to be a fabric and colour to suit you!

Durable cushion covers

Stoov cushion covers are naturally of good quality. We always do extensive research into the fabrics we use for the covers, as well as everything else. We want our products to last: long life = less waste. The covers are washable and can take a beating. We don't only consider sustainability in the choice of our cushion covers, but in every choice we make. We warm people, not the planet.


Stoov covers for outdoor use

Are you already familiar with our Stoov cushion covers for outdoor use? Our Stoov outdoor cushions are specially designed for intensive outdoor use. The fabric is water- and dirt-repellent and resistant to fading from sunlight. In other words: a longer life! (Disclaimer: the colours and fabrics are too nice to use only outdoors, so don't hesitate to give them a nice spot indoors too).


Choose your favourite

So, are you ready for a new colour or ambience for your Ploov or One? Then choose your favourite Stoov cushion cover in the colour and fabric that suits you. That way, you'll have the ideal match for every season and mood.

  • Woolly cushion covers: Woolly is our ultimate cuddly fabric: its structure is reminiscent of a sheepskin and feels woolly to the touch
  • Knitted cushion covers: Knitted is our romantic knitted fabric, made from a cuddly cotton blend.
  • Outdoor and Premium cushion covers: Our Premium and Outdoor are durable and extra sturdy.
  • Velvet cushion covers: Velvet is our soft velvet fabric: a pleasant velour fabric with a subtle sheen.
  • Original cushion covers: Original is the classic in our fabric collection: the fabric is made of high-quality, recyclable synthetic fibres.

Yes, but each fabric has different washing instructions and not all covers can be washed in the washing machine. For all fabrics: do not use bleach, do not dry clean, do not iron and do not tumble dry.

If you have a One heated seat cushion, the cover will always have a size of 45x45. If you have a Ploov, the size varies depending on the specific size you bought. There are several options available: 25x60, 45x45, 45x60, and 60x90.

Absolutely! All our fabrics are made with high quality and durability in mind. If you plan to use your heated cushion mainly outdoors, we recommend choosing a cushion cover made from our Premium or Outdoor fabric. These are specially designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor life.

All of Stoov's cushion covers are specially designed for our heat cushions. This means they feature a zip closure, as well as a pass-through for the label you use to set the heat and to charge the cushion.