Chilly Billy Season

The nightmare for every Chilly Billy is about to start, the cold winter days. There is no longer any need to shiver through the winter. The Chilly Billy shows you how!

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Save Energy!

Cold weather is on the way, watch your energy bill! With the cold days ahead, the shivering season is about to start. Studies and a previous blog of ours, also show how once you get cold, you are not able to warm up again on your own. It's logical that every Chilly Billy then thinks of turning up the heat. But we flip it, with a Stoov heating cushion you will still stay warm, but with infrared technology and without a high energy bill. Of course, with a Stoov heating product!

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The Chilly Billy Community

We know the Chilly Billy like no other and how they prefer to stay inside. But going on adventures is so much fun! With Stoov's wireless heating products, it is now possible to stay warm on all your adventures! Join the Chilly Billy community on Instagram and share your thoughts with other Chilly Billies for even more trips and tricks. Nothing can stop the Chilly Billy now.

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The Chilly Billy Favourite

The Chilly Billy favourite We understand that the Chilly Billy is an expert at layering. Three? Four? Or even five layers to keep you from getting cold. But wearing so many layers is not always practical. Therefore, is the Big Hug every Chilly Billy’s best friend. To keep you functional during winter days, put it on your desk chair., or on the couch, while watching TV. Especially the soft Woolly fabric!