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Marlot's here to explain just how our energy-saving tool works!

Stoov's studies show our customers share some common questions: When will my Stoov have paid for itself in savings? How much does it cost to charge? How much CO2 will I save? And the big one, what difference does it make to my energy bills? So we decided to develop a tool that allows everyone to take a closer look at the savings.

The savings

"If you charge your Stoov daily, it costs you just €6 a year. We saw that many people were turning down their thermostats when using a Stoov. This is such a unique selling point that we wanted to convey it to our customers."

So there you have it! Charging your Stoov daily over a whole year costs less than the price of two cups of tea at the cafe. So, while relaxing on your Stoov with that warm cuppa, why not use this tool, and take a peek at the time it takes to recover the cost of your cosy new cushion.

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Marlot's our UX & CRO specialist with our data & tech team. And she's designed an energy-saving tool to give Stoov users a better view of their savings.

One degree lower can save money and the planet

The impact of lowering the thermostat using a Stoov product depends on several factors, such as the type of house and square metres.

"To better quantify the effects of lowering the thermostat, we delved into various sources showing the average gas consumption per home, per square metre for different house types. With this input, we were able to calculate the savings and reduction in CO2 emissions for our customers when they lower their thermostat by just one degree. By turning down the thermostat by just a degree, you not only save money, but directly reduce the burden on the environment and your annual gas consumption by 7%."

Developing the tool

We then asked Marlot if she planned to develop another tool or expand on the existing one."We'd like to expand on this with more options, such as the impact of household size, the underfloor heating, and whether they have solar panels."On top of this, she'd like to add a tool that simplifies product comparison. This way, customers can quickly and easily gain an overview of products on our website.

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