Meet the Stoov Superwomen

Courage, love and perseverance. Did these terms make you think of women right away? Women are very often creative resources and real driving forces. Just like Marly, the wife of Stoov-founder Teun van Leijsen. Did you know that 10 years ago, this special woman ensured that we can now live our mission?! Let us tell you more about this...

Let's go back to that one moment: There they were, Teun and Marly sitting together in the garden of their new home. A house with a tiny little garden for the first time, wonderful to enjoy the outdoors and nature together. However, this sounded more fun than it actually was. The Dutch weather was often too cold, and making a fireplace seemed too much work to them for "just enjoying" (plus not a good sustainable solution).

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And the adventure begins....

And that was the straw. Teun felt that something had to change when it came to heat and let his brain go wild. How could he and his wife now enjoy the garden with easy and sustainable heat? And, if there is a solution to this, is there a better option for the old-fashioned rubber warm water bottle he often prepared for Marly? This moment, and these questions, were the beginning of Stoov's adventure.

Marly was not only the inspiration for the thinking, but she was the female driving force behind Stoov. She supported Teun, believed in him, pushed him to achieve his goals and provided valuable ideas and feedback. "He is the one who chooses and decides, but I ask the critical questions. We spent a lot of time together in conversations to make the right choices that way," Marly says in an interview.

Stoov's adventure began with a creative and sustainable idea Teun had for his wife. Listening to her needs, ideas and feedback, he started with the first prototype for Stoov in the barn. That's how Teun designed the very first heating cushion with infrared technology. "I got to go test everything: Is it too hot? Is it too cold? What fabric should be used? I definitely contributed to that," tells Marly. And with the first heating cushion, they were finally able to enjoy the outdoors even on cooler days.

Meet our superwomen

Like the start, today Stoov is still about creating an experience of warmth and comfort — thanks to a number of women who work as "driving forces" within Stoov. Get to know more about some of these here...

Meet Myrthe

"Hi! I'm Myrthe, 29 years old and proud employee of Stoov, where I hold the role of Customer Care Manager. My team's job is to speak to our customers every day and help them with any help questions they may have. In addition to helping customers, I strive to constantly optimize our processes, with the ultimate goal of providing the very best customer service available! As such, I love working with all disciplines within Stoov and getting a little involved in everything to make it even better.

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My superpower?

Well, that's a tricky one! I have developed a knack for typing almost all emoji's from memory. The colon raised_hands 🙌 is definitely my favorite. Let's just say I've had quite a few conversations with clients! And what is my guilty pleasure? Well, I must confess that I have a weakness for Dutch television and making loud comments, especially on programs like "Help my husband is a handyman" and "A winter full of love. Wonderfully cosy on the couch with my trusty Stoovje, boyfriend, cats and a good glass of wine!"

Meet Marleen

"Hi, my name is Marleen, 30 years old and living in Utrecht. At Stoov I work as a Data Analyst where I create adhoc analyses and dashboards for the different teams. What makes my job fun? I get to work with all the teams within Stoov. This not only allows me to work with all the great colleagues at Stoov, I also get to work on many different topics.

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My superpower?

That's really in goal-oriented work. Together with the teams, we brainstorm which insights are most important to achieve their goals. This allows us to work from business needs rather than technical possibilities. What are my hobbies? One of my favorite pastimes, you hate it or you love it, is running. A really nice weather cyclist, I can also be found on my road bike in the spring and summer. Besides the analytical side of my work and the sporting side of it, I also have a creative burst from time to time. I can then lose myself completely in drawing or painting portraits."

Meet Lara

"Hey! My name is Lara, I am 27 years old and work at Stoov as a PR & Influencer Marketing Coordinator. Together with my colleagues in the Brand team, I devise campaigns to put Stoov on the map as a brand. Of course, we at Stoov love to tell people about how much we love our heating products, but wouldn't it be even more fun if someone else told this story? For this reason, together with our external agencies, I make sure that Stoov is regularly mentioned in newspapers and magazines and set up collaborations with influencers who are also Stoov fans.

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My superpower?

I ask critical questions of my colleagues to push Stoov even further in the sustainable direction! I am also a real networker, I like to connect with others inside and outside Stoov to create opportunities to join forces and increase impact together. While I am 100% committed at Stoov, I also enjoy taking it easy in my spare time. Reading a book, going to the movies or going out into nature on my hiking boots, that really makes me happy! Fun fact: from my first salary at Stoov I bought a tent to enjoy camping in nature."

Today, on International Women's Day, we would like to take the opportunity to honour and celebrate all women. A day that reminds us of the strength, courage, and contributions of women around the world. At Stoov, we are proud to work with some of these amazing women out there.

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