Knitted | Knitted heated cushions from Stoov®

Cordless design heated cushions and blankets with infrared technology that not only look nice (and are wonderfully soft), but also save energy!

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A match for any interior

With Stoov® knitted heated cushions there is a match for every interior. There are many colors to choose from. The knitted heated cushions are not only comfortable, but also stylish.

The knitted heated cushions are not only available in different colours, but also in different sizes. You have the Ploov knitted 45x45 and the Ploov knitted 45x60 to choose from.

Comfortably at the office

Whether you work from home or at the office, make it yourself as comfortable as possible! With the Stoov® knitted you enrich your (home) office with a beautiful fabric and color. The heated cushion is great for your back and keeps the muscles and joints in your back and shoulders relaxed. Getting from your bed to your desk is no longer a punishment with a Stoov® to keep you warm.

Health benefits

The infrared technology in all Stoov® products has health benefits. The radiation penetrates deep into your skin, stimulating your blood circulation and relieving pain in your back, neck and shoulders.