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Cordless design heated cushions and blankets with infrared technology that will keep you warm in the office. And they save energy too!

  1. Big Hug XL | Woolly White
  2. Big Hug XL | Original Grey
  3. Big Hug XL | Woolly Beige
  4. Ploov | 45x60 Woolly White
    Ploov 45x60 cm | Woolly
    Regular price
  5. Ploov | 45x45 Woolly White
    Ploov 45x45 cm | Woolly
    Regular price
  6. Ploov | 45x60 Knitted Old Green
  7. Ploov | 45x60 Knitted Ocher Yellow
  8. Ploov | 45x60 Knitted Sandbeige
  9. Big Hug | Original Grey
    Big Hug 40x110 cm | Original
    Regular price
  10. Big Hug | Woolly Beige
  11. Ploov | 45x45 Knitted Sandbeige
  12. Ploov | 45x45 Knitted Old Pink
  13. Big Hug | Woolly White
  14. Big Hug XL | Woolly Graphite
  15. Big Hug | Woolly Graphite
  16. Ploov | 45x60 Woolly Graphite
    Ploov 45x60 cm | Woolly
    Regular price
  17. Ploov | 45x45 Woolly Graphite
    Ploov 45x45 cm | Woolly
    Regular price
  18. Ploov | 45x60 Original Melange Mid Green
  19. Ploov | 45x60 Original Melange Light Grey
  20. Ploov | 45x60 Original Melange Mid Blue
  21. Ploov | 45x45 Original Melange Dark Grey
  22. Ploov | 45x45 Knitted Ocher Yellow
  23. Ploov | 45x45 Original Melange Light Grey
  24. Ploov | 45x60 Knitted Old Pink

Create your own microclimate with Stoov®

With the heating products from Stoov®, you turn your chair into a heated office chair. Are your colleagues always satisfied with a temperature that leaves you feeling chilly? With Stoov®, you can create your own personal microclimate. The infrared technology in our heated cushions and blankets allows you to warm up instantly, eliminating the need to bring extra layers to the office. The Big Hug heated chair blanket is designed to fit snugly over your office chair and provides heating in two key areas: the seat and your lower back.


A heated office chair and relaxation

Do you regularly suffer from a stiff back? Sitting at a desk for hours on end is simply not good for your body. It’s essential not to constantly sit in a tense position, but also to allow your muscles to relax. Our Big Hug heating pad for chairs offers the solution. In fact, thanks to smart infrared technology, the blankets bring several benefits. For instance, they promote blood circulation, resulting in relaxation of your muscles. This helps you prevent back and shoulder pain. So with Stoov's heating pad for chairs, you not only enjoy warmth, but offer relaxation to your muscles at the same time. A win-win.


Relieve pain in your back and shoulders

Are you frequently plagued by stiffness in your back? Look no further than our line of Stoov® heated products, featuring advanced infrared technology that can help improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and alleviate pain. Our products are especially effective in combating back and shoulder complaints caused by prolonged sitting in a tense position at a desk. Don't let sitting all day take a toll on your body - with Stoov®'s heated chair blanket or heated office chair, you can stay warm and keep your muscles relaxed.

Heated blanket or seat cushion for a heated office chair

For your heated office chair, either the Big Hug or the Ploov is the ideal solution. The Ploov is designed to fit snugly behind your back, providing comforting warmth to soothe any aches or pains. Alternatively, it can be placed on your legs to keep them warm as well. The Big Hug heated chair blanket is specially crafted to fit your office chair perfectly, ensuring both your back and bottom stay comfortably warm.


Comfort and style in your home office too

With the growing trend of working from home, it’s essential to have a comfortable workplace at home. A heated office chair not only brings warmth and comfort to your workspace, but also adds a touch of cosiness! The Big Hug is designed to be both functional and stylish, fitting perfectly on your office chair and brightening up your workplace. And for the days you do go back to the office? The Big Hug is very easy to take with you thanks to its wireless design.


Enjoy your Stoov® everywhere

Our heated products are designed to be both smart and wireless, providing up to 1.5 hours of warmth on the highest setting and up to 6 hours on the lowest, all without annoying cables. And if you want to enjoy your Stoov® even longer, there's no need to worry - our products can also be used while charging with the convenient USB charger. Plus, with the USB connection, you can even charge your heated chair blanket using a power bank or in your car.

But the convenience doesn't stop there - our heated cushions and blankets are also easy to carry and can be used anywhere, including outdoors. Take them home with you after work and enjoy the soothing warmth while relaxing on your couch, in bed, or even in your garden. With Stoov®, the possibilities for unlimited enjoyment are endless.


To connect your Ploov or One, watch this video or follow these steps:

1. Connect the battery to the battery cable.

2. Place the battery in the battery pouch made for it.

3. Put the inner cushion into the pouch.

4. Connect the charger to the Stoov label. As long as the battery light flashes, the cushion is charging and/or in use. The battery is fully charged when the light stops flashing.

5. Turn on your cordless heating cushion and enjoy the warmth!

1. Connect the charging cable to the back of the Stoov Smartlabel.

2. Connect the 12v charging cable to the adapter.

3. Plug the adapter into the wall socket.

The indicator light on the Stoov Smartlabel flashes to show that the battery is charging. When the indicator light on the Stoov Smartlabel stops flashing and lights up constantly, the battery is fully charged.

NB; while charging, you can also use your Stoov rechargeable heated cushion as normal. Charging does take a little longer in that case.

You can choose from different sizes, from small to very large. Which size suits you best depends entirely on your needs and personal preference. Do you prefer a slightly smaller cushion? Then the Ploov 25x60 is a good choice. On the other hand, do you want the biggest possible cushion? Then you can go for the 60x90, which is almost the size of the back cushion of your sofa.

How long it takes to charge your rechargeable heating cushion depends on the type of battery you have. But fortunately, you never have to wait really long! Is it empty? Not to worry! You can also use it while it's charging. 

Yes, all our products are safe to use. We take your safety seriously. That's why all our products are equipped with overheating protection. The thermostat will turn off the heat generation in between when the actual temperature of the Stoov gets too high. This prevents excessive temperatures.