Stoov’s got your Christmas pressies covered

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t put our loved ones first. And by thinking ahead, we can keep both family and friends, dearest and nearest, feeling cosy at this special time of year. No better way to do so than giving them the gift of warmth...

Magic moments for mum

Keeping mum warm over Christmas is always top of the list. So, from a warm One, to a plush Ploov, a heatedcushion will always keep her snug: nothing says I love you, and shows you care more about her warmth andcosiness than these gifts.

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Cool ideas to warm up dad

For dad, it’s all about saving costs when you turn down the thermostat. Or the release of stress and tension when he snuggles up to Stoov’s infrared warmth. Whether he’s wrapped up in a Huge Hug, or has a Homey snuck down the lining of his coat, a cosy dad is a happy dad for Christmas and all year through.

It’s even for Chilly Billy Grandparents

Please don’t leave them waiting on the doorstep. Christmas is all about welcoming them in, giving them the gift of warmth, and letting them thaw out—safe in the knowledge that infrared cosiness is heating them up to full festive levels within.

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When furry friends join the Wag Club

Keeping your pets warm and cosy shows you care. So gift them a Woov, turn it on, and watch them stretch outin Christmas comfort and style.

​​Don't forget yourself during the holiday season

Besides spoiling your loved ones in this busy period full of presents, don't forget about yourself. If something has long been at the top of your wish list, don't wait any longer and reward yourself. Give warmth, but also receive!

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What makes Stoov the perfect gift

  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Saves on winter bills
  • Shows you care