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Cordless design heating cushions and heating pads with infrared technology, which do not only look beautiful (and are heavenly soft), but also let you enjoy the first days of spring!

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Spring time

Spring has arrived, bidding farewell to dark and short days, and ushering in the return of the sun in our gardens, balconies, and skin. As everything around us begins to grow and bloom once again, our desire to venture outside increases. So grab your coat, step out, and inhale the refreshing spring air! Although the weather is gradually warming up, it can still be chilly. That's why Stoov® outdoor heating cushions are here to keep you warm, no matter where or when.

Spring cushions for outdoors

If the weather is still a bit damp, you may hesitate to bring your indoor cushions outside. But fear not! Stoov®'s spring cushions are specifically created for this purpose. With strong material you can easily take your Stoov® outdoors. In the event that the cover becomes dirty, you can easily wash it.

Spring colours

Spring embodies the season of vibrant and lively hues influenced by nature, such as green, yellow, and lighter tones of blue and white. Infuse your indoor and outdoor cushions with these stunning colours to impart a delightful spring ambiance. By doing so, you'll invigorate your cheerful mood and prepare yourself for the upcoming summer season!

Find your perfect spring cushion

Stoov® is the ideal destination for you: our outdoor cushions not only endure the rigors of outdoor use, but also flaunt lovely spring colors. They are perfect for the transition period between spring and summer. Additionally, you can easily carry your rechargeable spring cushion with you wherever you go.