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Cordless design heated cushions and blankets with infrared technology that not only look nice (and are wonderfully soft), but also save energy!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing you and all mothers a happy Mother's Day! This special occasion is all about expressing love and showing warmth, so make sure to take some time to celebrate your mother and indulge her with all her favorite treats. If you're still searching for a unique Mother's Day gift, keep reading.

The best Mother’s Day gift

Undoubtedly, your mother deserves the best gift possible! If you're still in search of a truly one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift, look no further than Stoov®. Our delightful heating cushions provide warmth and will help loosen up her muscles, allowing her to unwind and relax. Furthermore, Stoov® cushions not only provide exceptional comfort, but they also come in a variety of stylish colors, fabrics, and sizes to suit everyone's preferences.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Opting for a personalized Mother's Day gift is always an excellent choice. Get creative and make something special for your mother with your own hands. If you're interested in gifting something warm and cozy, consider a heating product from Stoov®. These are our bestsellers for Mother's Day:

Homey | Woolly White

Homey Woolly beige
The Homey is a lovely electric hot water bottle with rechargeable battery. So no more fussing with the kettle: in no time you will be warm and comfortable.

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Ploov 45x45 Velvet Cinnamon
The Ploov Velvet is made of a soft velvet fabric: a pleasant velour fabric with a subtle sheen. Despite its elegant appearance, the Velvet fabric is easy to clean.

Big Hug | Original Grey

Big Hug Original Grey
The Big Hug is an infrared heating blanket with a seat and back heater and rechargeable battery. This gift is especially perfect for mums who work a lot and spend hours in a chair.

Pain relief

The utilization of smart infrared technology provides various advantages as it can deeply penetrate the body. For example, it can improve blood circulation, aiding in the elimination of waste products, and promote muscle relaxation. If your mother frequently experiences back stiffness, then the perfect gift for her would be a Big Hug or Ploov.

Stay warm, everywhere!

A Stoov® makes for an excellent gift for your mother not just on Mother's Day, but on any other day as well. Thanks to its smart wireless design, she can conveniently bring her Stoov® along with her wherever she goes, ensuring that she remains cozy and comfortable at all times.

Happy Mother’s Day!